Chemique Adhesives launches Aerotak - a new range of adhesives for the Aircraft Interiors industry

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Chemique Adhesives is proud to launch Aerotak – a new range of adhesives designed specifically for the aircraft interiors industry. The range consists of a variety of sprayable, solvent based and water based adhesives used in the manufacture of aircraft seat covers.

The Aerotak range provides customers with a simple, versatile adhesive for bonding combinations of fabric, leather, foam, e-leather and scrim materials into style pads utilising a hot press stamping method. The style pad, once completed will pass the required test method for flammability requirement CS-25.853 APP F Part 1a 1(ii).

Speaking of the new range, Stuart Francis, Managing Director comments:
“As a business, we are always committed to offering high performance, quality solutions for a wide variety of requirements and the new Aerotak range provides customers with a selection of adhesives specially developed for aircraft seat fabrication, that will offer a strong, permanent bond for numerous fabrics including foam and leather. This new line of high quality adhesives will stand the test of time, even in the most demanding of environments”.

Aerotak features include:
- Flammable and non-flammable formulas
- Fire retardant properties
- Includes CAS201FR - Specified worldwide by many leading airlines for bonding seat covers

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